October 2012's winner of the iTeach Student's Choice Award!

Ms. Teneisha McNeil of Raleigh Egypt High School

iTeach Student's Choice Awards - Raleigh Egypt High School Memphis

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Teneisha McNeil of Raleigh Egypt High School Memphis

21 Questions 

Name:  Teneisha McNeil
Position/Title:  English As A Second Language Teacher

1.  What are your favorite types of foods?  What is your favorite meal?
Italian, I love Chinese food, Favorite dish is pasta salad.  
2.  What is the name of your favorite restaurant?

Texas De Brazil.
3.  What is your favorite beverage?
4.  Where are your favorite places to shop?
Definitely Macy's, Gordman's, and my favorite online shopping place is 6PM.com.
5.  Please tell us about your preferred pastimes, special interests and hobbies.
I love spending time with my children and family; and I like to read and travel, I'm very interested in furthering my own education as well. 
6.  What is your favorite color?
7.  What are your favorite entertainment pastimes (i.e. – movies, shopping, baseball, etc.)?
I like going to live concerts, spoken word sessions, and plays.
8.  What type of music do you enjoy?  Favorite musician or artist?
New and Old School R&B, some Pop Music, Gospel, and Neo Soul.
9.  Who is your favorite author?  Favorite book?
Langston Hughes, I have a compilation book of Langston Hughes' poems.
10.  Please share any specific dislikes (foods, colors, etc.)
People who operate from their weak side; (being dishonest, disrespectful, mean or nasty).
11.  Are there any big events coming up in your life this year (wedding, baby, move, etc.)?
Not this year, but in July of 2013 I will be receiving my "Education Specialist Degree."
12.  The best teaching "trick"/advice I ever got was... 
Mean business without being mean.
13.  The best part of my job is...
Being able to influence the lives of students academically and socially.
14.  When I am elected President of the United States... 
I am going to call Oprah Winfrey and ask her to be Vice President, and fill the White House with porcelain elephants.
15.  A day with plenty of "me-time" would involve...
A trip to the nail salon and my favorite places to shop.

16.  Hardly anybody knows I... 
love to dance and I'm afraid of deep water.
17.  Nothing makes me laugh like...
The silly expressions my son and daughter make, and the creative things my students say sometimes.
18.  Life has taught me... 
Don't be mad at mistakes, but learn from them and progress.
19.  The best part of being a teacher is...
Becoming close to my students and having the summer off.
20.  The most challenging part is...
Being able to make every child understand the value of obtaining an education. 
21.  I am currently addicted to...
“Blueberry Muffins and Reality TV."

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